Homeland: You can be from any homeland except Tje'tjan, or The Under
Rarity: Common
Bonus Languages: Any language is fine for a human
Religions: Generally humans follow the Pantheon of the Eleven, or worship Our Saviour if they're from Wuthrial
Race Specific Backgrounds: Wuthrialak Pariah, and Ashtiir Pilgrim.

Homeland: It is most likely that you're from Tje'Tjan, or that you were born free in the Lowlands.
Rarity: Uncommon
Bonus Languages: Most dwarves speak Elven as a bonus language
Religions: Dwarves generally pay lip service to the Five Headed rager, but most actually worship the Dwarven champion of freedom who is a member of the Pantheon of Eleven
Race Specific Backgrounds:

Homeland: The grand majority of elves are from Tje'Tjan, but they can be found on the Bone coast as well as in the Lowlands
Rarity: Uncommon
Bonus Languages: Most elves speak Draconic, or ESL as a bonus language.
Religions: TjeTjani elves worship the Five Headed Rager, free elves often worship the Pantheon of Eleven, and Sun Elves generally worship the Glutton
Subraces: Sun Elves, or High Elves, are native to Zhovo-Thlavos, and are far less common than their forest dwelling brethren.
Race Specific Backgrounds: Tje’Tjan Watcher

Homeland: Half-Elves can be found in most places, though they're rarely accepted by either humans or elves.
Rarity: Uncommon
Bonus Languages: Half Elves often speak Elven, but their languages vary depending on where they're from.
Religions: Most half-elves worship the Pantheon of the Eleven, though the few that live among the elves in Tje'Tjan or Zhovo-Thalvos tend to worship the Five Headed Rager, or The Glutton, respectively.
Race Specific Backgrounds:

Homeland: Most half-orcs hail from the Feralcourt mountains, or the City of Many Bloods
Rarity: Uncommon
Bonus Languages: Most commonly, half-orcs speak Orcish, though some speak Giant, or even Terran.
Religions: Most half-orcs worship the Dragon Mother.
Race Specific Backgrounds:

Homeland: Keriphane is most likely
Rarity: Common
Bonus Languages: Any
Religions: Most worship the Riverking
Race Specific Backgrounds:

Homeland: The Feralcourt Mountains.
Rarity: Rare.
Bonus Languages: Giant, Orcish, or in some cases Terran.
Religions:  The Dragon Mother.
Mandatory Backgrounds: Stonewarden.

Homeland: The Under.
Rarity: Rare.
Bonus Languages: Underspeak, Infernal, or Terran.
Religions: The Baker.
Mandatory Backgrounds: Gnomish Gateseer.

Homeland: Zhovo-Thlavos most likely
Rarity: Rare
Bonus Languages: Most Likely Infernal or Ignan
Religions: The Glutton
Race Specific Backgrounds:


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